domingo, 26 de junio de 2011


DX Multi-Operator
In the DX Multi-operator category, all of the top ten scores came from stations in South America or North America. Winning the contest for the third year in a row was the CW5W team in Cerro Largo, Uruguay. Operating from the station of Jorge Furest CX6VM and using his contest call sign, the team made 1,161,960 points, almost twice as many points as their winning effort from last year. For the second year in a row, second place went to the team at ZX5J (1,148,940 points) in Santa Catarina state, Brazil. Operators at ZX5J included Beatriz PU5BIA (13 years old) and Eduardo PU5FJR (11 years old). Leo PP1CZ notes, "It was a wonderful experience to take part in a contest with half of the team being kids." The kids did very well: the score difference between first and second place was very small - just 1.1%. The four-operator team at LS1D in Buenos Aires, Argentina took third place in the category. The operators made 1590 contacts to 225 multipliers for 1,103,400 points, j